We are a main supplier of Wisper Electric Bikes in Somerset.

Rob Allen's Electric Bikes in Somerset

We are an independent electric bike dealer supplying high quality electric bicycles, aftersales and service and provide the opportunity to deliver your new bike directly to your door.

Biketricity is owned by Rob and Justine Allen. They have a huge amount of experience in the retail motor industry between them, this they have applied to ensuring that the electric bikes that their company provides are of the very highest quality.

“We are passionate about customer care and our on-line presence is backed up by a dedicated retail premises, where clients can enjoy a hands on demonstration and view our products in the flesh. We also have an in-house technician to look after our after sales and on going service requirements. A delivery and collection service is also available to our customers

Wisper Electric Bikes

The Wisper ebike brand is synonymous with excellence
in design, high quality build and componentry.

With over twelve years’ experience in the electric bicycle industry, the team at Wisper Electric Bikes continues to push the boundaries using the very latest branded components and hassle-free, state of the art battery and drive technology. Wisper’s latest ebike range has something for everyone – especially those looking for unrivalled value for money. Whether you’re looking for a bike to commute to work, ride around town, get fit and healthy or simply to enjoy the countryside, then Wisper has an electric bike for you. Every ebike in the Wisper range comes with a ten-year frame warranty and two-year parts and battery warranty – providing you with complete peace of mind. In addition, our after sales team is recognised as one of the very best in the industry, providing fantastic levels of service and care for your bike.

All Wisper bikes are fitted with a twist throttle that is limited to 4mph walk assist mode whilst the bike is not being pedaled. However, as soon as you start to turn the pedals forward the throttle becomes active, by twisting the throttle you can achieve up to 15.5mph without the need to increase your pedaling effort. The throttle is particularly useful on hills when you need immediate assistance to get moving.

The Wisper high efficiency 250w high torque brushless motor is smooth, quiet and works in harmony with the cadence sensor to deliver a responsive, natural riding experience. Based on the Wisper 705 Torque model, the SE is well styled and features a very adaptable unisex design – that provides a great all around riding experience and represents excellent value for money. The Step-through is Wisper’s go to bike for most riders and the perfect choice for shopping, commuting or long country rides.


The Wisper Torque range of ebikes utilises a new and unique hybrid torque drive system that integrates information from both a torque sensor which measures the the pressure a rider puts on the pedals and a cadence sensor that detects when the pedals are being turned. The system has been specially designed to deliver powerful assistance smoothly, efficiently and almost silently, offering a very natural riding experience.

The Torque range comes with 5 levels of power assistance enabling riders to increase or decrease assistance, depending on the incline of the road or weight of the load on the bike.


Wisper’s range of SE ebikes use many of the same high-end components, found in the Wisper Torque bikes. However, the SE range has been designed to be simple, lightweight and even more affordable. The bikes in the SE range utilise a market leading cadence sensor that provides responsive application of power on hills through the use of 12 magnets (compared to the industry standard of 6). Cadence sensors switch the power on when pedals are turned forward and off when pedaling stops.

The SE also comes with 5 levels of power assistance enabling riders to increase or decrease assistance, depending on the incline of the road or weight of the load on the bike.

Wisper Torque Range

Wisper 705 Torque Step Through Electric Bike
Wisper Electric 806 Torque Electric Folding Bike
Wisper 905 Torque Cross Bar Electric Bike

Wisper SE Range

705 SE Step-through 26” or 24” Electric Bike
705 SE STEP-THROUGH 26in or 24in
Wisper 806 SE Electric Folding Bike
Wisper Electric Bike 905 SE Cross Bar

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